The story of the Wolf

Reversed Wolf is a singer-songwriter from Berlin, Germany.
Before he seriously tried to start his career as a musician, he tried many others things: He studied Philosophy, Ethnology and Psychology, had several jobs like working for phone companies, having his own web development company, working as a freelance videographer and finally as pizza courier. After an accident delivering food with his bicycle he realized that he hated all of his jobs and they always have been an excuse for not taking the one thing he loves seriously enough to try to make a living out of it.

Reversed Wolf is known for recording and producing his own records using several instruments like guitars, harps, a banjo, a mandolin, a glockenspiel, a piano or an accordion. He learned to play guitar in his late teenage. He improved his skills by covering many songs without having a teacher. By doing this he developed his own unconventional playing technique, that makes the sound so unique. He always tries to have a close connection to the sound-making process of his instruments by modifying his pleks, his fingernails and the way they connect to the strings of his guitar. He also discovered open tunings to be very helpful focusing on singing while playing „easy playable“ but complex melody lines on his guitar.



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